About Ashley

Hello! I’ve been an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay for about 6 years total. I have a hard-working, handsome husband named Danny and two adorable sons named Brandt (3) and Jameson (18 months). I have the pleasure of staying home with them each and every day; teaching them about God’s love while we explore life, John Deere tractors, socks, pancakes and many other random things! My husband and I enjoy traveling to new places, spending quality time with our family and game nights with friends! Mary-Kay-Ash-motivational-quotesI love meeting with women one on one over coffee and truly getting to know them and encouraging them with where they are in life! A compliment can really go a long long way in a woman’s world and Mary Kay inspired us to pass along that kindness and confidence. I created this blog to inform people of the fabulous Mary Kay products out there and let my customers, friends and family in on some of our beauty secrets, hope you like it! Please leave me feedback so I know what you’d like to hear more about or of any questions I can answer for you!



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