Hello World and Goodbye Cellulite.

Good Afternoon everyone! My name’s Ashley and this is my very first blog post! Pretty exciting right?!? I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant and I’ve started this blog to let my customers, friends and family members in on some fun beauty tips, tricks and secrets!

This week, I’m going to start with our NEW TimeWise Body “smooth-action cellulite gel cream”! (Learn more about this product by clicking here)


I have heard SO many great things about this product ladies! I’m going to start applying this today, with application twice a day for 9 weeks, (until the end of May) taking before and after pictures. I’m super excited to see the results and I hope you are too!!! When I told my mom she should buy it and try it out, she says umm…how about you do first, then I’ll see…you’re legs will look much better in the pictures than mine 🙂 HAHA! I’m sure if I were her age I’d feel the same. But that’s why I’m here! To consult you on our products and let you know of the great results and how they can work for you!

I really hope you enjoy my blog and stay tuned to see the pictures!


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