monster trucks and paw patrol.

Today I write to you about something of inner beauty. Something of sweet boo-boo kisses and bedtime hugs. Something of sticky fingers and mid-day wrestling matches. Motherhood. In a week we are celebrating the boy that made me a mommy. He is smart and creative, loveable and wild, adventurous and all boy! He’ll be three years old! Being a mom is sometimes the worst part of my day, and most times the best. When you realize you have spit up on your shirt and wonder how long it has been there…When you’re trying to put your contacts in and have a child crying and clinging to each leg…When they run to you with arms open wide after a long day away…

As I sit and reflect on this little guys first 3 years of life, I realize that being a mother gives you purpose. It changes your perspective on things as well as your priorities. It makes you honest and mature. Knowing that each and every decision you make can change the future of this little person. I want my boys to grow up to be kind and compassionate, yet bold and strong. I want them to love the way Jesus loves. How do I teach them this? It’s a constant struggle. The words I choose each day to spew out at them can either be kind or hurtful. My sinful human flesh wants to get angry every time they spill noodles across the floor. Every time I have to ask 5,6,7 or 8 times to pick up their toys. Every time I try to have a conversation on the phone with them running wild and screaming in the background. Do I let my automatic reactions burst into a SCREAM? Or do I ask Jesus for self control to contain myself and take a deep breath?

I have heard it said that children don’t remember what we say, but what we do. Ouch! Yes, lead by example. A big challenge that I am taking day by day. If you are a parent, I’m sure you can relate. I’m making myself out to be a hypocrite as I tell my son not to yell at his brother…oh dear. But I am thankful for that conviction we get from the Holy Spirit so I know what I’m doing wrong and that I need a Savior to help me change my angry ways! Ok, so now I’m just rambling…but I’m glad I was able to give you a little glimpse of my day and my struggles 🙂

Motherhood. There are no words to describe how it feels when they lay that little baby on your chest and he catches his first breath. Welcome to the world little one!


Sweet Summer Feet.

WP_20160326_15_50_14_Pro(1)Today I’ve started using the Mary Kay Satin Hands Set on my feet! I’ve heard of other women doing this and I’ve always wanted to try it, so today I took the plunge! (I’m also adding in a pumice stone) My toes and my skin really needed a makeover before wearing those cute strappy sandals for summer! And my hubby and I are heading to Florida in May to celebrate our 5 Year Anniversary! So I definitely want these sweet feet to be looking fine and fabulous! I’m excited to see the results for this experience! Just from using it one time, I can already see a big difference! I plan to use it twice a week for about 3 weeks, taking before and after pictures. If you’d like to join me in getting those sweet feet in the perfect condition for summer sun, this is the way to go! Stay tuned for the pictures!

Also our new “Into the Garden” line that’s out right now has a fun pedicure set (see more info here ). This set includes some adorable nail colors (sold separately, see here )feet set, toe separators, a citrus tea scented foot scrub, foot fizzies, and a 3 way emery board! So add that into the mix and you’ve got everything you need to get those toes looking flawless! And I LOVE the feminine, floral and fun packaging that they chose for the Garden line!

What do you think? Anyone else want to join in my “Satin Feet” adventure? What are your plans to get ready for summer? Any vacations that you’ve got on the books you’re looking forward to?!

Hello World and Goodbye Cellulite.

Good Afternoon everyone! My name’s Ashley and this is my very first blog post! Pretty exciting right?!? I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant and I’ve started this blog to let my customers, friends and family members in on some fun beauty tips, tricks and secrets!

This week, I’m going to start with our NEW TimeWise Body “smooth-action cellulite gel cream”! (Learn more about this product by clicking here)


I have heard SO many great things about this product ladies! I’m going to start applying this today, with application twice a day for 9 weeks, (until the end of May) taking before and after pictures. I’m super excited to see the results and I hope you are too!!! When I told my mom she should buy it and try it out, she says umm…how about you do first, then I’ll see…you’re legs will look much better in the pictures than mine 🙂 HAHA! I’m sure if I were her age I’d feel the same. But that’s why I’m here! To consult you on our products and let you know of the great results and how they can work for you!

I really hope you enjoy my blog and stay tuned to see the pictures!